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2010-02-04 06:55 pm

Pictures for AD and branding use from author

The special offer for the commercial organizations. Images for use in advertising, branding materials etc. 

The price from 20 $ up to 3000 $ depending on a sort of use of the image, circulation, the size, a composition, the country of use etc. the Printed size of images up to А0.


                tel.   +7 916 170 7342

                ICQ   156454957
                web:  www.thegame.su
                   LJ:  http://pics.livejournal.com/mitrichevvlad/



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2010-02-04 06:00 pm

exclusive posters and a pictures for interior and decorate from author

My name Vlad, I am a photographer.

Here is my pictures for using in interior, decorate, image projects and othersThis link will bring you to my extended catalog of available pictures

the Picture is made of:
1. canvas (popular size 70x100cm) and a frame for canvas

2. Frame (aluminium), passe-partout (cardboard), transparent plastic,
the most popular size 70 х 100 sm, another sizes possible

The price from $200 (depending on a picture composition, quantity and the size of pictures)

                тел.   +7 916 170 7342 Vlad

                 ICQ:   156454957
                web:  www.thegame.su
            e-mail:  info@thegame.su

                lj      :  http://pics.livejournal.com/mitrichevvlad/gallery/00029gq9

Examples of works:

еще фотографии с примерами )